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Dear Dr. Kirschner,

It's been more than ten months since you performed the LASIK surgery and I still
cannot believe the quality of my eyesight.

For someone like me, who had to wear glasses and contact lenses most of my life, it has been a miracle.

The whole experience was unbelievable and I never tire telling everyone I meet how painless and fast the operation was and how immediate were the results. After all, the operation was at 2:00 P.M. and we were driving out of the parking lot at 2:20.

Many thanks to you and your staff – for the suggestion, the examinations and the
successful operation.



Dear Dr. Kirschner,


A short note, but a big THANK YOU!

The recent LASIK surgery was more than expected in terms of satisfaction. You and your staff at the laser center are most professional.

The complete procedure, including examination, scheduling, surgery and healing were exactly as promised; no surprises.

My complements to you and your staff.



Dear Dr. Kirschner,


This letter is to let you know that I am extremely pleased with my eye laser procedure.

I have worn glasses since the third grade and have worn contact lenses since I was
fifteen years old. I never dreamed that I would be able to see clearly without contact lenses.

The actual procedure at the laser center was quick and totally painless. By the next day I drove myself to my follow-up eye appointment.

You and your entire staff have been wonderful from start to finish. I would highly
recommend your services to my family, friends and any of your patients.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and the gift of my new eyesight!



Dear Bruce,


I wanted to take a moment from my vacation to thank you for the skill and
professionalism that you brought to my preoperative evaluation, LASIK surgery, and
follow-up post-operative care. In addition, your staff was very helpful and accommodating of my busy schedule. The concept of eye surgery is a daunting one, but this could not have been any easier or effective.

As to the outcome, what a pleasure it is to live without glasses. Although my surgery was over two weeks ago, the clarity of my vision still catches me by surprise. It is not just being able to see my wife's face or the alarm clock in the early morning, or the new found ease of navigating to help one of my children in the middle of the night. The foliage on the trees appear more distinct and the smile on my daughter's face as we played underwater in the pool was memorable. I continue to be surprised by the new things that I see in old familiar places.

Old habits die hard. I still try to adjust my phantom eye glass frames from time to time and I look for my glasses on the night stand when I get up in the morning. I must find a place to donate all of my old glasses to.

Best regards,

Fred, MD, DPhil

Dear Dr. Bruce,


I am writing to let you know how excited I am about my recent Lasik eye surgery. It has now been one month since the procedure and I can see great without glasses. It is really remarkable how successful and painless this procedure was for me. I was very impressed with the Clear Vision Center and your assistants. I felt totally comfortable throughout the procedure, even though I have to admit some anxiety when I am the patient.

My recovery period was only 1-2 days and now, as you stated, my vision is stable and greatly improved. It is a pleasure to go without glasses on a daily basis and not to have to wear contacts, which were quite irritating to me. In closing, I am glad that I traveled to California for this procedure; it was well worth it. Thanks again for your expertise.

Kindest regards,

Elissa, M.D.

Dear Dr. Kirschner,


I would like to thank you for helping me see again without using contacts or glasses. I had thought about laser surgery for a long time and had always talked myself out of it. After talking with several colleagues who raved about the procedure and consulting with you, I decided to go ahead with the surgery. I arrived in Daly City fairly nervous, but your staff quickly made me feel at ease. I was so amazed that right after the surgery I was able to see the clock across the wall, which I never would have been able to do without contacts. Upon arriving home I kept opening my eyes every hour or so in disbelief at just how clear my vision was! Each day is clearer and clearer. I have gone on several awesome trips, but by far having laser surgery on my eyes has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have a new found freedom – I CAN SEE! I continue to walk around in an amazed and pleasant daze!

Thank you again!



Dear Doctor Kirschner,


I would like to thank you for correcting my vision and making my life much more
pleasant! I came to you about six months ago to see if I was a candidate for this
procedure. You advised me that I was and informed me of my options.

I did not feel any pressure from you what so ever as to which procedure was the one for me. You simply informed me of my options and explained each procedure.

I chose the PRK, and had both my eyes done over the next couple on months. I must say I was very impressed with the procedure and the recovery time involved.

As you well know I am a sergeant with the Police Department. I do shift work and I'm outside most of the time. I was a little worried about the recovery and how well I would do after the procedure. I must say all of those worries have been put to rest.

I did not miss any work while having the procedure done and must say the discomfort was minimal. I did have some minor irritation and watery eyes for a couple of days, but it was very minimal.

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with the results! I no longer wear glasses or contacts. I can see better than I have seen in my life! I now have 20/15 vision with no side effects. I can now golf, jog and do all of the social related activities with NONE of the hassle that I did before!

Again thank you for making my life a little easier to live and seeing things in a way that I have not for many years.


Dawn M.
Sergeant, Police Department

Dear Dr. Kirschner,


It's been about two months now since you performed my LASIK procedure, and I am delighted to report to you that you have another happy patient. I remember – even if
you don't – how apprehensive I had been in the weeks leading up to my decision to go ahead with the procedure. Now that I take my glasses-free existence for granted, I
realize that I should have listened to you months earlier when you first advised me that my prescription made me a prime candidate for LASIK.

I am sure you hear the stories all the time, but for me these are still special feelings. After wearing glasses for thirty years, I still feel lucky when I am able to see the alarm clock in the middle of the night, I still enjoy being able to see when I get out of the swimming pool, I still feel gratified that I don't have to spend a portion of each day searching for my glasses. Since I do a lot of public speaking, I still feel relieved while standing in front of an audience, knowing that I no longer will spend a few minutes cursing my bifocals when I can't easily read the notes to my talk.

I recognize that these may all seem like little things, but I am still daily telling myself how happy I am with LASIK. And I have to thank you for dealing with my anxieties before the procedure. Looking back on the experience, I know that it was handled in the most professional and competent manner possible.

Thanks again,



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